Behind the scenes

Take a look at the prototype for Apricot Cookie(s) and be aghast at some early character art. Maybe this page will be expanded upon in the future? Or maybe it won't? wHo kNoWs?!

Short Comic Introduction, A Nobody on a Couch

YouTuber "A Nobody on a Couch" gives a relaxed and spoiler-free introduction to the comic.

That Interview Series on Ash's Patreon #7: Louis Lloyd-Judson of Apricot Cookie(s)

Lead creator of the webcomic "Cloverlines" interviewed me as part of that interview series on Ash's Patreon, aptly named "That Interview Series on Ash's Patreon".

Apricot Cookie(s) featured on the Digital Strips podcast

Do you remember that time when Apricot Cookie(s) was discussed on the prestigious "Digital Strips" podcast?! I can hardly believe it either!

Digital Strips Episode 480: Terence, Meet Joe

Audio dub by Timeless Dubs

The voice-talented folks over at Timeless Dubs took it upon themselves to put voices to Apricot Cookie(s)! They do a fantastic job at capturing the essence of an anime dub, I love it so much!

Check out their other projects over on their YouTube channel (especially if you're a fan of Undertale!)

Guest comic for "Kurumi's After Hours"

A guest comic I created for the 4 panel webcomic "Kurumi's After Hours" by Kuroe Lee. This is probably my favourite page of Apricot Cookie(s) that I've made – and it isn't even Apricot Cookie(s)!